Gigi Hadid 不只擔當代言人,還化身為設計師,聯手 Reebok 一同釋出限量聯名系列!


超人氣模特 Gigi Hadid 性感的身材與時尚的裝扮,一直深受女性粉絲的愛戴,不久前她更是成為了運動品牌 Reebok 的代言人,將專業運動品牌帶出不同時尚潮流視野。

這回 Gigi Hadid 更不只擔當代言人,還化身為設計師,聯手品牌一同釋出限量聯名系列,讓全球女粉絲們都爭先想要入手!



Gigi Hadid 此回親自參與設計,以她父母的誕生國家為靈感,將美國、巴勒斯坦、荷蘭三個國家的國旗化作元素,打造出全套的運動服裝束,伴隨著短版及撞色的設計,讓整體除了能夠在運動場合著用外,更能貼近於平日穿搭。

身為整體造型重點之一的球鞋,Gigi Hadid 同樣沒有放過!


將 Reebok 經典的AZTREK 與CLASSIC LEATHER 重新帶回,並且透過鮮豔的配色,打造亮眼氛圍;此外為了這次的限量聯名,雙方更推出一款CLASSIC LEATHER TRIPLE 鞋型,純色的設計,帶來不同的時尚高度!





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Designing my first athleisure collection for @Reebok @ReebokClassics was everything I’d hoped. Growing up, sports played such a big part in my life, and many of the lessons I learned as an athlete have been true guides for me in my personal and professional life. Today, two of my high school volleyball coaches have come across the country to NYC to help me launch this first #REEBOKxGIGI collection with a day on the court. ? This amazing collision of worlds is the epitome of what this collection means to me and I really hope you love wearing it in and out of the gym. ? It’s made for play !!!!!!!!!!!! With love. xG (Full collection available tomorrow 2/5 online and in select stores worldwide)

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SOURCE : Gigi Hadid